We do what nobody thought would be possible. We build luxury homesteads off-grid with the least amount of fossil fuels. Are you ready for a true sustainable home with all the amenities?

One at a time

At Red Tail Contracting we believe that luxury custom homes deserve all the attention of the builder. We build one home at the time. Your assurance that we are always available and focused on the job – building your dream home.

Just Off-Grid

We believe that enjoying life,and family should not mean not taking care of the world around us. We believe that investing in a green, tight home powered by sustainable resources will provide more comfort to the people living in it.

Off – Grid

Building off -grid is more then just never getting connected to the grid. It is about making sure that when you move into your new home, everything works, like a normal home. Except you do not have power outages during a storm.

Behind the walls

You should not see the differences between an off grid home and connected home. We spend a long time planning, learning your routines and researching. We are not afraid to go across borders, to make sure that you get the best techniques to maintain a sustainable home without you feeling it.